About Us

Biovet Australia is a leading Medical Equipment Supplier and wholesaler in Australia. With over 50 years of experience you can be assured you will be assisted with any enquiries that you may have.  With our in-depth knowledge and experience, you can trust us to guide you towards the best solutions.

Our large range of diverse products make us the most versatile medical equipment supplier in the country. Supplying equipment for all veterinaries around Australia, including a number of specialist centres around the country.

At Biovet Australia, we understand the importance of quality and reliability in medical equipment. That's why all our products undergo rigorous testing and come with a 6 months warranty (12 months for new items). We believe that our customers deserve nothing less than excellence, and we strive to exceed their expectations.

Our company Biovet Australia has accumulated over 50 years of knowledge in the medical industry. With a large amount of medical products arriving in our warehouse daily. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a hospital, or a medical facility, Biovet Australia is here to support you. We are proud to play a role in improving patient outcomes and contributing to the advancement of healthcare in Australia.

We take tremendous care in delivering all of our items and devices, making sure that fragile and bulky items arrive safely to your clinic or surgery. However if you would like to visit our warehouse in Ocean Grove, all are welcome!
Biovet Australia Specialises in
New & Used Medical Equipment
Suppling a range of new and used medical products to general practitioners and medical day surgeries and specialist centres.

New & Used Veterinary Equipment
Suppling a wide range of new and used medical equipment and surgical instruments to the veterinary industry in Australia and overseas.

International Exportation of Products
Exporting a wide range of surplus medical products including endoscopy, electrosurgical and patient monitoring equipment to the USA, Asia, Europe and many more parts of the world.