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Olympus Visera Elite S190 Camera Tower

Olympus Visera Elite S190 Camera Tower

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As an industry leader, the Olympus Visera Elite S190 Camera Tower features the advanced Olympus OTV-S190 Laparoscopy Tower. With its cutting-edge technology and precision, this camera tower provides superior image quality and enhances surgical procedures, resulting in improved patient outcomes and increased efficiency for medical professionals.


  • Olympus Visera Elite OTV-S190 Video System Centre
  • Olympus Visera Elite CLV-S190 Xenon Light Source
  • MedXChange 4K Medical Video Recorder
  • Olympus OTV-S7ProH-HD-12EHD Autoclavable Camera Head HDTV Compatible
  • Olympus Endo Alpha - Endobase System 
  • Advan LCD Monitor
  • Olympus OEV26H HD Monitor


12 Months Warranty

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