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Denyer XRT 5000 Electrical Operating Table

Quality late model Denyer XRT 5000 Electric Operating Table. This table is in excellent condition and all functions are working.


  • Heavy duty hydraulics
  • Tie down rails
  • Variety of movements
  • Supreme flexibility
  • Remote control for all functions
  • Portable and on wheels
  • Floor locking system

Denyer General Purpose Operating Table

Quality Australian made operating table.


  • Floor locks
  • Mobility
  • Heavy-duty hydraulics
  • Tie-down rails
  • Fully adjustable
  • Portable and on wheels
  • Stainless steel base

Denyer ALM Universis 6090 Electronic Operating Theatre Table

Quality Australian made Denyer ALM 6090 electronic operating theatre table in excellent condition with
all functions working.


• Remote control for the demand of all functions• Portable and on wheels
• Extremely flexible
• Floor locks

Denyer XRT 3000

Denyer XRT 3000 Heavy Duty Table

The XRT 3000 operating table has been designed with the input of professionals from the surgical field. The range excels in all the areas that have been emphasised by these professionals as the critical factors that determine the quality of an operating table. The XRT 3000 features the most extensive uninterrupted radiolucent facility in an operating table.

X-Rays and Image Intensifiers can be used from the beginning of the lower trunk section, through the leg section and head section as if all three sections were one continuous unit.

The total length of the uninterrupted radiolucent area is 1370mm.


2 drawers

Stainless Steel Trolleys

Biovet Australia currently stock a large range of quality Stainless Steel trolleys.

All of the trolleys are in excellent condition and range in varying sizes with or without drawers.

Please contact our office for more information.