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Medical Equipment – Just Arrived

At Biovet Australia we are constantly bringing in more and more stock for our customers.  Keep up to date with the most recent items that have just arrived!


BRAND NEW Covidien Valleylab LS10 LigaSure Vessel Sealing Generator

Brand new Covidien Valleylab LS10 LigaSure Electrosurgical generator. Supplied to you brand new with servicing

and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). The LS10 generator is supplied with the latest technology of LigaSure

vessel sealing accessible to the medical field. Supplied patient ready with foot pedal.

This Valleylab LS10 model is the most efficient and productive LigaSure unit available on the market. The vessel

sealing function is indicated for us in sealing vessels up to 7mm.


Technology Advancements:

• TissueFect sensing technology across all modalities

• LigaSure fusion technology for vessel sealing



Reduces operative blood loss

Reduces post-operative pain in general surgery

The LS10 will be programmed for multiple uses of

LigaSure hand pieces. Allowing vets to sterilise and reuse

Covidien hand pieces a number of times.


Pentax EPK-i Small Animal Video Endoscopy System

The Pentax EPK-i video endoscopy system is the latest in Pentax endoscopy technology. The Pentax EPK-i has a

built in 300 watt Xenon lamp that provides daylight brightness to help produce its high definition imagery.

We provide this EPK-i system with a Pentax EG-2990i video gastroscope.

This endoscopy system is ideal for any small animal hospital.

Supplied with a 12 months warranty.


Pentax EG-2990i Gastroscope Features:

• 1050mm Working Length

• 9.8mm Diameter

• 2.8mm Biopsy Channel

• 4-100mm Range

• 140° Field of View


Olympus 180 Small Animal Endoscopy System

State of the art Olympus 180 Evis Exera II small animal endoscopy system with an Olympus BF Type P180 Flexible Video Bronchoscope.

This endoscopy system is ideal for any busy small animal hospitals.

Full System Includes:

  • Olympus CV-180 Evis Exera II Video Processor
  • Olympus CLV-180 Evis Exera II Xenon Light Source
  • Olympus BF Type P180 Evis Exera Flexible Video Bronchoscope
  • Olympus Endoscopy Tower Trolley
  • Olympus Keyboard & Accessories
  • Samsung Flatscreen Monitor


Bronchoscope Specifications:

  • Multi-function buttons for zoom/capture/freeze
  • 4.9mm Diameter
  • 2.0mm Inner Diameter
  • 180°/130° Up/down tip-deflection
  • 600mm working length
  • Biopsy channel

iM3 Revolutionary 4DC Portable X-Ray Machine

Quality late model iM3 portable X-Ray machine in excellent condition. Supplied with remote and 6 months warranty.



  • 0.4mm Focal Spot
  • 4 & 8mA Annode Current
  • Voltage: 60, 65 & 70kV
  • Variable kV and mA depending on the size of animal to teeth that are selected.
  • 60mm round irradiated field
  • 2.5mm Al total filtration
  • Versatile with fully rotating arms
  • Mobile floor stand

Biovet C50-V Veterinary Patient Monitor with CO2

Brand new full parameter patient monitor including SpO2, NIBP, IBP, ECG, Co2 and Temperature.


  • 12″ LCD Touch Screen
  • Support rotate
  • Perfect patient information management system
  • 5° screen inclination
  • Fanless design avoiding cross contamination on laminar
  • IPX1 waterproof
  • Intelligent alarming system

Brand New Seesheen Image Processor and Flexible Bronchoscope

Just arrived is our brand new Seesheen image processor and our brand new flexible bronchoscope.

The flexible bronchoscope is supplied with the image processor to provide a full endoscopy system.

Processor features:

  • 10″ HD Touchscreen display
  • HDMI+SD Card inputs
  • Use touch screen with gloves
  • Compact and light weight
  • Easy to use and operate

Bronchoscope features:

  • Multi-function buttons for zoom/capture/freeze
  • High quality imagery
  • 180°/130° up and down tip deflection
  • 120° left/right tip deflection
  • 5.2mm insertion tube with a 2.8mm working channel
  • 1000mm working length



GE Voluson-e Portable Ultrasound

High quality state of the art portable ultrasound from GE. The Voluson-e is one of GE’s latests line of ultrasounds. Light and compact unit that is suitable for all veterinary practices.

  • 15″LCD Display
  • 30cm Depth of field
  • 2D & 3D Follicle measurements
  • Easy to use and operate
  • RAB 4-8 RS Convex probe
  • E8C Micro-convex endocavity probe

Supplied with a GE docking cart to store up to 3 probes at the one time.


GE Logiq-E Next-Gen Portable Ultrasound

Quality late model GE Logiq-E portable ultrasound unit, in great working condition. This quality unit is perfectly suited for any busy veterinary practice.

  • 15″ LCD Display
  • Easy to use and operate
  • 30cm Depth of field
  • 2D Follicle measurements
  • GE 4C-RS Convex probe
  • GE 3S-RS Phased array probe

Very compact unit, docking cart is included, insert up to 3 probes at the one time.


Soluscope Serie3 Endoscopy Washer

Quality Soluscope Serie3 Endoscope reprocessing machine. This unit is perfect for the cleansing and disinfecting of your endoscopes. This late model unit is complete with an automatic disinfectant cycle to prevent contamination of all patients. With cleaning, rinsing and disinfection all completed in a 20 minute cycle. This machine is perfect for any busy veterinary hospitals and clinics.


  • 20 minute automatic cycles
  • Efficient and automatic machinery
  • High level disinfectant
  • Automatic dosage of chemicals
  • Constant seal testing
  • Double sensors for every critical parameter
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Soluscope chemicals (P, A, CLN+, SOL-TAB) supplied
  • Dual trolley supplied
  • All plumbing and tubing connected, patient ready

MicroAire 7 Series Orthopaedic System with Battery Charger


Late model System 7 with drill, saw and reciprocating saw.


  • MicroAire Series 7 Drill
  • Sagittal Saw
  • Reciprocating saw
  • 2x batteries and a universal battery charger
  • Jacobs chuck and key
  • Synthes chuck
  • Reamer heads

Complete orthopaedic system in excellent condition, suitable for busy small animal hospital or specialist centre.


Siui Neo CTS-900v Portable Ultrasound

Quality light weight veterinary ultrasound with great image quality.


  • High resolution LCD monitor
  • Autofreeze function can be set to freeze probes automatically
  • Easy to use with practical controls
  • Up to 4x zoom
  • Operating manual included

Landwind CU30 Portable Ultrasound

Quality Landwind CU30 portable ultrasound unit with small animal probe.


  • Compact fold down monitor
  • Full digital multi-beam former
  • 8-Segment TGC
  • B-mode and M-mode
  • Tissue harmonics
  • Cine loop recording
  • 2 USB ports
  • Internal lithium battery
  • 10x zoom

Puritan Bennett 980 Series Ventilator

Quality late model Puritan Bennett 980 Series Ventilator in ‘As New’ Condition

Latest software installed.  Fully checked and serviced.


  •  Intuitive and highly configurable touch screen
  • Graphs can be scaled and enlarged to full screen
  • Many safety features including settings that the machine will continue to ventilate during power failure.
  • Available to use in Adult, Paediatric and Neo- Natal.
    100 – 240V



Force Triad

The Valleylab Force triad is a fully featured system that combines monopolar cutting and coagulation, Bipolar forceps and the Ligasure Vessel Sealing benfits in the one generator.

The Force Triad is intended for open and Laparoscopic surgical procedures and includes tissue sensing technology and Ligasure fusion technology.

All units have been fully tested and come patient ready with all accessories including foot pedals, mobile trolley, stainless-steel grounding pad.

  • Simple Set Up
  • Easy to Use
  • Touch Screen
  • Automatic Instrument Recognition
  • Ligasure hand pieces are also available upon request




GE Datex-Ohmeda B30 Full Colour Multi Parameter Patient Monitors


Quality late model GE Datex-Ohmeda B30 multi parameter patient monitors.

This Patient monitor is supplied with all veterinary cables and connections.



  • Removable module parameter rack
  • Pulse oximetry with veterinary ear/tongue sensor
  • ECG leads with veterinary stainless steel clips
  • Blood pressure NIBP with small animal cuffs for animals over 5kg.
  • Temperature probe
  • All monitors in as new condition


Up to six waveforms and four digital number fields can be displayed on the high definition screen.


Alaris Carefusion GH Syringe Pump

Fully reconditioned syringe pumps in excellent working order.
Syringe pumps accommodate any size and make syringes.


  • Suited for drug therapy
  • Clear intuitive interface
  • Safety mechanisms.

‘Certified and patient ready’


Alaris GP Infusion Pump

  • Quality light weight infusion pump
  • Fully reconditioned
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Easy to use
  • intuitive user face
  • IV pole connector
  • Giving Sets available

Dyonics Small Animal Video Otoscope System


Quality Dyonics Small Animal Video Otoscope with ear camera flushing ports and foreign body retrieval forceps for grass seeds and other foreign bodies.



  • Veterinary ear otoscope
  • Retrieval forceps
  • Flushing cannula
  • Mobile stand
  • Sony monitor
  • Light source
  • Dyonics video camera system
  • Full support, training and back up provided

Denyer General Operating Table


Quality Australian made Denyer operating table in great working condition.



  • Floor locks
  • Mobile
  • Heavy-duty hydraulics
  • Tie down rails
  • Fully adjustable
  • Stainless steel base and rails

Denyer Electric Operating Table ALM 6090


Quality Australian made Denyer operating table in great working condition.



  • Floor locks
  • Mobile
  • Electric table with hand remote
  • Tie down rails
  • Fully adjustable
  • Stainless steel base and rails

Brand New Biovet Veterinary Handheld Pulse Oximeter (SpO2)


Just arrived is our brand new handheld pulse oximeters.



  • Measurement range SpO2 0-100%
  • PR: 0-500bpm
  • Accurate measurements
  • Full digital display
  • Easy to use
  • Supplied with battery charger and power pack

Brand New Biovet Veterinary Handheld Patient Care Unit (ETCO2 +SpO2)


Brand new Biovet handheld patient care unit, supplied with CO2 and SpO2.



  • ETCO2 range: 0-150mmHg (0-19.7%)(0-20kPA)
  • Accurate measurements
  • High resolution screen
  • Easy to use
  • Supplied with battery charger and power pack
  • 0-100% SpO2 range

Pentax EPK-1000 with Equine Scope


Quality Pentax endoscopy system with equine scope.


  • Pentax EPK-1000 processor with water bottle and keyboard
  • Sony 21′ HD colour monitor
  • Pentax EC-3470FK video colonoscope
  • Pentax trolley

Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Unit


High quality Valleylab Force FX electrosurgical unit. State of the art with tissue sensing technology.  This is a top of the range electrosurgical unit.


The Force FX has auto adjusting to output cutting and coagulation.


Supplied with a stainless steel patient plate and 3 disposable hand switching pencils.


Olympus Laparoscopes


Quality Olympus laparoscopes available at Biovet Australia.

  • 10mm 0-degree
  • 10mm 30-degree

Karl Storz Cystoscopes


Quality Karl Storz cystoscopes in excellent condition.

  • 4mm 30-degree
  • 4mm 70-degree

Please note that we have a larger range of brands and rigid scopes available.

Contact Biovet Australia to see what we have in stock.


Datex Ohmeda AS5 Patient Monitor


Quality GE Datex Ohmeda AS5 full colour patient monitor. Late model patient monitor supplied with all patient monitor requirements.


  • End tidal CO2 full capnography
  • Anaesthetic agents
  • SpO2
  • ECG
  • Temperature
  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • Invasive blood pressure

Stainless steel ECG clips and small animal blood pressure cuffs are also available.


Dash 2500 Patient Monitor


Quality GE Dash 2500 Full HD colour patient monitor.

Late model cost effective patient monitor.

Sophisticated, durable, light and compact unit.


  • Easy to use
  • ECG
  • SpO2
  • Temperature
  • NIBP
  • Invasive BP

Drager Oxylog 2000 Ventilator


Drager Oxylog 2000 emergency ventilator in excellent condition.


Ideal ventilator for small animal emergency centres.


Runs off oxygen cylinder.


Oxygen hose supplied.


MicroAire Smartdrive Orthopaedic Drill, Wire and Saw Set with Battery Charger


Quality late model MicroAire Smartdrive series 6 orthopaedic drill, wire and saw set with battery charger. Item is in excellent condition and is ideal for small animal hospitals.


  • Universal smart drill
  • 2x batteries and a universal battery charger
  • Large wire driver
  • Small wire driver
  • Jacobs chuck with key
  • Reamer heads
  • Sagittal saw with blade

Please contact our office for more information about this item.