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Medical Equipment – Just Arrived

At Biovet Australia we are constantly bringing in more and more stock for our customers.  Keep up to date with the most recent items that have just arrived!


Brand New Matrx MDM Digital Dental Mixer (12 Month Warranty) 30 Available

Brand New Matrx MDM Digital Dental Mixer (12 Month Warranty)

Ideally used for dental surgery and emergency medical care, the MDM Digital

mixer is an excellent solution for gas sedation to reduce the pain and anxiety.

Though your patients are relaxed they remain fully conscious and responsive.



• Titration and tidal volumes as low as 0.1 L/min

• Matrx auto-compensation system

• Asepsis-friendly digital flat screen flow meter

• Audio and visual alarms

• Built in safety features


Esatte Aquila Pro Portable Ultrasound w/Convex Probe

Quality Esaote Aquila Pro Ultrasound in great condition, on portable trolley

with convex probe. Recently serviced and tested.


• Highly accurate data

• Very easy to use

• High display resolution

• Excellent visualization depth

• Multi functionality


Datascope Spectrum Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor w/Co2

The Datascope Spectrum patient monitor remains one of the most versatile

patient vital signs monitors available on the market.

It’s astounding features include:

• 8 Selectable waveforms

• Standard graph and list trends with optional memory expansion

• Comprehensive record keeping

• Integrated power supply with lithium-ion battery technology

Full parameter monitoring including Mainstream CO2.


Brand New Biovet Veterinary Dental Unit

Quality brand new Biovet veterinary dental unit, supplied with 4 hand pieces and all needed accessories to upgrade

your clinics dental appliances.


• Reliable performance with high speed and stable rotation turbines

• High quality movement with non-flying tip technology

• Wrapped aluminium alloy heat sink

• Magnetic stainless steel tray for instruments

• Low noise with smaller tremble for a smoother feel

• Independent gas circuit design and easy operation


• 3-way Syringe (water, air and spray)

• High speed hand piece

• Low-speed polishing hand piece

• Adaptive cleaning handle

• Clean water and disinfectant water bottle


Pentax EPK-700 Complete Endoscopy System 3 Endoscopes

Quality Pentax EPK-700 endoscopy system with 3 endoscopes.

This endoscopy system is in good condition and is supplied with all

accessories including trolley, water bottle etc.

System Includes:

• Pentax EPK-700 Processor

• Pentax EG-2770K Video Gastroscope

• Pentax EC-3830FK2 Video Coloncoscope

• Pentax FCY-15P2 Fiber Optic Broncoscope

• Pentax OS-H2 Water Bottle

• Stainless Steel Trolley

• Endoscopy Monitor


Conmed Linvatec Smart OR Laparoscopic Endoscopy System

Quality Conmed Linvatec Smart OR Rigid Scope Endoscopy

System in great working condition.


Conmed Linvatec Smart OR Xenon Light Source

• Conmed Linvatec Smart OR 3CCD Digital Camera Console

• 4x Conmed Linvatec 3CCD Camera Heads

• 4x Conmed Linvatex Optic Light Lead

• Stryker SV2 HD Monitor

• Stryker Endoscopy Trolley


Alaris Gateway Workstation

Quality Alaris Gateway Workstation in great working condition.

This expandable modular stacking system is designed for your Alaris GH

Syringe Drivers and GP Infusion Pumps.

Supplied with 3 Overhead IV Bag holders.

This unit is ideal for any vet surgery that own numerous Alaris infusion/syringe

pumps, that are looking for more efficiency and to minimise time consumption.


Stainless Steel Examination Table

Quality stainless steel examination table in great condition.


Length: 152mm

Width: 560mm

Hight: 950mm


Atom V-808

Quality late model Atom V-808 transport incubator in excellent condition.

Supplied with padded handles to allow for comfortable movement.


• Front and back snap open access ports

• Separate main unit for increased mobility

• Temperature and oxygen monitor

• Built in Masimo SET pulse oximeter

• Low resilience mattress

• Illumination light for advanced visibility

• Chamber size: 73cm x 36cm x 28cm


Atom V80-tr

Late model Atom V-80tr transcaptule incubator in great condition with

additional power pack and oxygen tanks.


• Adjustable height

• Temperature control knobs

• Standby heating/operation modes

• Heat up to 37°C

• Back up power generator

• Central light for enhanced visibility

• Chamber size: 60cm x 32cm x 25cm


Conmed Linvatec Rigid Scope Endoscopy System

Late model quality Full HD endoscopy system suitable for any

rigid arthroscope or laparoscope.

System includes the following:

• Large 30” Full HD medical monitor

• 4x HD Camera Heads suitable for any rigid scope

• Data capture machine to save and record photos or videos

• Printer

• Fibre optic light leads

This endoscopy system is supplied to you patient ready in

excellent condition with 6 months warranty.

Rigid scopes not included.


Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) Suction Pump

The Laerdal Suction Pump is a portable, powerful, efficient and highly reliable

suction unit that designed for optimal performance in emergency situations.

The Laerdal Suction Pump is used all over the world.

Known for its:

• Power and effectiveness

• Prepared for emergency situations

• Effective at improving patient safety

The LSU automatically charges when connected to a power source

and charges to 80% in only 3 hours. Ensuring it is always ready for use

when needed.


Biovet C50-V Veterinary Patient Monitor with CO2

Brand new full parameter patient monitor including SpO2, NIBP, IBP, ECG, Co2 and Temperature.


  • 12″ LCD Touch Screen
  • Support rotate
  • Perfect patient information management system
  • 5° screen inclination
  • Fanless design avoiding cross contamination on laminar
  • IPX1 waterproof
  • Intelligent alarming system

Pentax EPK-i Small Animal Video Endoscopy System

The Pentax EPK-i video endoscopy system is the latest in Pentax endoscopy technology. The Pentax EPK-i has a

built in 300 watt Xenon lamp that provides daylight brightness to help produce its high definition imagery.

We provide this EPK-i system with a Pentax EG-2990i video gastroscope.

This endoscopy system is ideal for any small animal hospital.

Supplied with a 12 months warranty.


Pentax EG-2990i Gastroscope Features:

• 1050mm Working Length

• 9.8mm Diameter

• 2.8mm Biopsy Channel

• 4-100mm Range

• 140° Field of View


Olympus Complete Evis Exira II 180 Endoscopy System with Two Endoscopes

State of the art late model Olympus 180 Video Endoscopy System.

Quality endoscopy system with superb imagery and exceptional quality.


• Olympus Evis Exira II CV-180 Video Processor

• Olympus Evis Exira II CLV-180 Light Source

• Sony HD Endoscopy Monitor

• Olympus High Definition Gastroscope

• Oympus High Definition Colonoscope

• Accessories and training included

This is a high end endoscopy system that is in excellent condition.

Ideal for small and large animals.

For more information on the Olympus 180 System, please contact

Biovet Australia.


Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Encore Mini C-Arm X-Ray Machine

Quality portable mini C-Arm X-Ray in great working condition.

An easy to use compact system with a fully adjustable counter balanced

C-Arm. Greatlyreduced levels of radiation exposure and scatter, to

ensure safer procedures.


• 44cm Image receptor distance

• 15” Dual monitor system

• Easy to you and operate

• Real-time imaging capabilities


GE Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva5 w/Full Patient Monitoring and Isoflurane Vapouriser

Late model quality GE Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva/5 Anaesthetic machine in

great condition. Upgrade your operating theatre with a quality anaesthetic

machine supplied to you patient ready.


• Easy to use veterinary units with built in ventilators

• Fully mobile with storage drawer

• Oxygen emergency flush valve

• Circle absorber system

• Paediatric circuit supplied

• Ventilator function screen

This quality anaesthetic machine is supplied to you patient

ready with all accessories including an isoflurane vapouriser

and full patient monitoring.


GE Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva/5 Anaesthetic Machine (Isoflurane Vapouriser Included)

Late model quality GE Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva/5 Anaesthetic machine in

great condition. Upgrade your operating theatre with a quality anaesthetic

machine supplied to you patient ready.


• Easy to use veterinary units with built in ventilators

• Fully mobile with storage drawer

• Oxygen emergency flush valve

• Circle absorber system

• Paediatric circuit supplied

• Ventilator function screen


Soluscope Serie3 Endoscopy Washer

Quality Soluscope Serie3 Endoscope reprocessing machine. This unit is perfect for the cleansing and disinfecting of your endoscopes. This late model unit is complete with an automatic disinfectant cycle to prevent contamination of all patients. With cleaning, rinsing and disinfection all completed in a 20 minute cycle. This machine is perfect for any busy veterinary hospitals and clinics.


  • 20 minute automatic cycles
  • Efficient and automatic machinery
  • High level disinfectant
  • Automatic dosage of chemicals
  • Constant seal testing
  • Double sensors for every critical parameter
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Soluscope chemicals (P, A, CLN+, SOL-TAB) supplied
  • Dual trolley supplied
  • All plumbing and tubing connected, patient ready

GE Datex-Ohmeda Aisys Anaesthetic Workstation (Sevoflurane Vapouriser Included)

The Datex-Ohmeda state of the art Anaesthetic carestation is a flexible and fully functional integrated system,

featuring advanced design ventilation, respiratory monitoring and breathing systems. The large panel displays

are mounted on movable arms with 360 degree rotation. You can easily reposition the displays to

keep vital signs and ventilation controls in reach at all times.


• Full parameter patient monitoring

• Patient spirometry

• Superior ventilation for cats and dogs

• Controlled microprocessor provides immediate

visual feedback on patient status

• Aladin Sevoflurane cassette vapouriser

• Oxygen cylinder mounts

• All leads and accessories supplied


Karl Kaps SOM 62 Mobile Opthalmic Microscope

Quality late model Karl Kaps mobile opthalmic microscope.

This microscope is in excellent condition and has superb optics and lighting.

The microscope also includes a coaxial light illumination 15 Volt/150 Watt

lamp with a stand by spare also supplied.


• Compact size

• Mobile on wheels

• Wheel locking

• Easy to reach controls

• 210° swivel of optic

• Exceptional optics and light

• Easy to use and operate

• 40mm focusing range

• Custom settings for focusing and light intensity


Leica Wild Heerbrugg M690 Operating Microscope

Lecia M690 Wild Heerbrugg Operting microscope in great condition with

exceptional optics.

This microscope is suitable for opthamology and general microscopy.

This Leica microscope is also supplied with a foot pedal.


• Multi focus optics

• 207-407mm working distance

• 40mm focusing range

• Built in light source


Alaris GP Infusion Pump

  • Quality light weight infusion pump
  • Fully reconditioned
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Easy to use
  • intuitive user face
  • IV pole connector
  • Giving Sets available

GE MAC3500 12SL EKG/ECG Analysis System

State of the art GE MAC3500 ECG analysis system in excellent condition.

Increased productivity and improved analysis with one of the hardest working

affordable resting ECG systems in the industry.


• Updated interface and efficient operation

• Improved sensitivity

• Supports patient safety

• Easy to use and operate