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Pentax EPK-i Small Animal Video Endoscopy System


The Pentax EPK-i video endoscopy system is the latest in Pentax endoscopy technology. The Pentax EPK-i has a

built in 300 watt Xenon lamp that provides daylight brightness to help produce its high definition imagery.

We provide this EPK-i system with a Pentax EG-2990i video gastroscope.

This endoscopy system is ideal for any small animal hospital.

Supplied with a 12 months warranty.


Pentax EG-2990i Gastroscope Features:

• 1050mm Working Length

• 9.8mm Diameter

• 2.8mm Biopsy Channel

• 4-100mm Range

• 140° Field of View


Pentax EPK-i Equine Video Endoscopy System


The Pentax EPK-i video endoscopy system is the latest in Pentax endoscopy technology. Having the pleasure of

partnering up with Pentax Medical gives us a great opportunity to supply the veterinary industry with some of the

highest quality endoscopy systems available for the veterinary profession.

We provide this EPK-i equine endoscopy system with a Pentax EC-3890Fi2 Colonoscope.

This endoscopy system is ideal for any equine hospital.

Supplied with a 12 months warranty.


Pentax EC-3890Fi2 Colonoscope Features:

• 1500mm Working Length

• 13.2mm Diameter

• 3.8mm Biopsy Channel

• 4-100mm Range

• 140° Field of View


Olympus Complete Evis Exira II 180 Endoscopy System with Two Endoscopes

State of the art late model Olympus 180 Video Endoscopy System.

Quality endoscopy system with superb imagery and exceptional quality.


• Olympus Evis Exira II CV-180 Video Processor

• Olympus Evis Exira II CLV-180 Light Source

• Sony HD Endoscopy Monitor

• Olympus High Definition Gastroscope

• Oympus High Definition Colonoscope

• Accessories and training included

This is a high end endoscopy system that is in excellent condition.

Ideal for small and large animals.

For more information on the Olympus 180 System, please contact

Biovet Australia.


Soluscope Serie3 Endoscopy Wahser


Quality Soluscope Serie3 Endoscope reprocessing machine. This unit is perfect for the cleansing and disinfecting of your endoscopes. This late model unit is complete with an automatic disinfectant cycle to prevent contamination of all patients. With cleaning, rinsing and disinfection all completed in a 20 minute cycle. This machine is perfect for any busy veterinary hospitals and clinics.


  • 20 minute automatic cycles
  • Efficient and automatic machinery
  • High level disinfectant
  • Automatic dosage of chemicals
  • Constant seal testing
  • Double sensors for every critical parameter
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Soluscope chemicals (P, A, CLN+, SOL-TAB) supplied
  • Dual trolley supplied
  • All plumbing and tubing connected, patient ready
Stryker Camera Heads

Stryker HD Camera Heads


Stryker quality camera heads in both autoclavable and non autoclavable.  We stock all of the Stryker brands camera heads including:

  • 1188 autoclavable HD camera head and coupler
  • 1288 HD camera head and coupler
  • 1488 Autoclavable and non autoclavable camera

All camera heads are full 1080P HD cameras which have programmable buttons for light adjustment, focus, taking photos or video and are all extremely light in weight.

Stryker SDC Data Capture

Stryker SDC Data Capturing Machine


Stryker’s all-in-one medical imaging information management system allows for patient scheduling, video capture and storage, DVD burning and more. The SDC Ultra archives surgical images and videos on its generous 250-gigabyte internal hard drive. This system also allows for the recording of all surgical footage in crisp, high-definition video. Through dual-channel input support, the SDC Ultra can capture images and video independently on two separate video channels, in synchronized mode, or in PIP-format.

Features & Benefits

Stryker’s SDC Ultra boasts numerous features for seamless management of patient information, including:

fibre optic light

Fibre Optic Light Leads


Biovet Australia stock the latest fibre Optic light leads suitable for all of your endoscopy needs.

From companies such as Stryker, Olympus, Storz, the light leads are are fully checked and serviced.  Please contact our office for more details.


Lap tray

Laparoscopic Sterilization Trays.

Biovet Australia stock quality laparoscopic sterilization trays.  Suitable for both autoclavable and sterrad machines.  Holds 2 x laparoscopes (5mm or 10mm and 300mm in length.

From companies such as Stryker, Olympus, Storz, the light leads are are fully checked and serviced.  Please contact our office for more details.


L9000 LED lightsource

Stryker L9000 LED Lightsource

Now an eco-friendly and cost savings device, the L9000 LED Light Source reduces hazardous environmental waste by preventing frequent changes of light bulbs.As an added benefit, the optional Safelight technology ensures that the light source goes into standby mode when the Safelight cable detaches from the scope. This feature will reduce the risk of injury to the patient and OR staff.

This LED light source is a great solution when used with the 1288 HD 3-Chip Camera as the light output settings are completely controllable from the camera head.

Features & Benefits

 Safelight technology for increased patient and surgery safety
Stryker Scopes

Stryker Laparocropes and Arthroscopes

Biovet Australia stock the latest in quality Laparoscopes and Arthroscopes.

All scopes are “ex demo” from Stryker and are in ‘as new’ condition.

The following sizes are available:

Laparoscopes: (ideal for larger dogs and larger animals)

5mm & 10mm Laparoscopes

Stryker offers 5mm and 10mm IDEAL EYES Laparoscopes in both 30cm and 45cm lengths. Made with high quality sapphires and the latest rod lens technology for excellent transmission and detail recognition, these scopes are also made with a triple tube shaft design to enhance durability. Stryker’s IDEAL EYES optics create improved color rendering, center to edge resolution, depth of focus and less image distortion resulting in superior image quality.

Features & Benefits

Stryker’s IDEAL EYES Standard laparoscopes provide excellent optical performance:

  • 5mm 0 degree.
  • 5mm 30 degree
  • 10mm 0 degree
  • 10mm 30 degree.

Arthroscopes: (ideal for small animals)

  • 1.9mm 30 degree
  • 2.7mm 30 degree
  • 4.0mm 30 degree


Olympus 180

Olympus Flexible Camera Systems

At Biovet Australia we stock quality Olympus camera systems including the Olympus 160, Olympus 180 Evis Exera endoscopy systems.

All units have been fully tested and serviced and come with 6 month warranty.

The Olympus brand is famous for its quality and reliability within flexible endoscopy systems.

The Features of the Olympus 180 system:

  • First system to deliver HD (high definition) and NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
  • Compatible with 180, 160, 150, 140, 130 and 100 series video endoscopy systems
  • At 1080 lines of resolution, when used with 180 H series of endoscopes, is more than double the number of scan lines from previous generation products

The following scopes are compatible with these systems.


CF-H180AL or PCF-H180AL HD Video Colonoscope, GIF-H180 Video Gastroscope (or may use standard definition colonoscope and gastroscope),

Olympus Flexible Scopes

Olympus Flexible Scopes

At Biovet Australia we stock quality Olympus flexible scopes.  All scopes have been fully tested including leak testing.

We stock varying sizes of scopes for all of your veterinary needs, including gastroscopes for your smaller patients, along with colonoscopes for the larger animals.

Please contact our office for further details and availability.


Pentax EPK1000 Camera Processor

The EPK-1000 Digital Video Processor is designed for those focused on high-quality imaging without compromise. This reliable endoscopy processor utilizes a powerful Xenon lamp for illumination, and a convenient external recording interface for efficient image management.High quality imaging

The EPK-1000 features established Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for high-resolution image clarity and detail.

Powerful Illumination

The EPK-1000’s Xenon light source produces bright, natural-spectrum light for clear illumination of both small- and large-lumen anatomy. Xenon lamps have long been the gold standard for bright, natural color illumination.

Convenient recording interface

The EPK-1000 features a serial interface (USB) to record still images on a computer with Endoimage software installed. This convenient USB interface allows the seamless transfer of images into electronic reports and patient records.

A perfect ‘all in one’ camera processor for all of your veterinary endoscopy needs.


Pentax EPKI Camera Processor


The EPK-i7000 is a state-of-the-art video processor engineered for practitioners seeking advanced endoscopic performance. This powerful HD platform offers crisp, clear imaging, and the use of i-scan technology may help improve lesion detection and characterization. The EPK-i7000 is the first endoscopy processor to offer Twin Mode and  integrated HD recording to collect and share findings. All of these advanced features are easily accessed through an intuitive user interface.

State-of-the-art HD Imaging

The EPK-i7000’s HD image processing is designed to provide enhanced, highly detailed live and recorded videos. Advanced features include fully digital signal processing that reduces visible noise and dynamic range expansion that helps illuminate hard-to-see distal areas. In addition, Freeze scan has been designed to ensure all captured images are clear and free of distortion.

Pentax Scopes

Pentax Flexible Scopes

Biovet Australia stock a large range of Pentax scopes from the older style 30 series to the latest models Pentax flexible scopes.   Contact our office for further information on the scopes available for your veterinary needs.


Pentax System.1

Pentax Camera Systems

If your veterinary practice is requiring a complete flexible system for your endoscopy surgery, Biovet Australia is your first port of call.

The Pentax endoscopy system consists of the following equipment:

  • Endoscopy trolley
  • Colour monitor
  • Pentax Camera Processor
  • Pentax flexible scope
  • Keyboard
  • Water Bottle

Our product specialists will advise you on the best endoscopy system for your veterinary needs.  We are more than happy to conduct training and installation on the system if required.

Contact our office for further information relating to the endoscopy systems available.