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Valleylab Force Triad

(Ex-demo).  The Force Triad energy platform is a full featured electrosurgical system that provides cutting and coagulation and vessel sealing in a single generator.  It is intened for open and laparoscopic surgical procedures and includes tissue sensing technology and LigaSure fusion technology.  Contact our office for more information.


Valleylab LigaSure Vessel Sealing Generator

Our high quality vessel sealing generator from Valleylab is fully serviced and biomedically tested.

This unit comes complete with a foot pedal.

The Valleylab Ligasure unit is an electrosurgical generator that provides power for vessel-sealing and bi-polar surgery.

Please note: No hand pieces are supplied with this unit.


Valleylab Force FX

The Valley Lab Force FX is the latest model generator that adjusts the power automatically when responding to tissue changes.

The Force FX is a high powered unit with the latest tissue sensing technology using both monopolar and Bipolar outputs.

A standard 3 pin electrocautery pencil can be used with this unit.  Comes supplied with reusable earth plate, foot pedal and trolley (if required)
Force EZ

Valleylab Force EZ Electrosurgical unit

The Valleylab Force EZ electrosurgical unit comes patient ready with all accessories including foot pedals, stainless teel grounding pad and mobile trolley.  The units have bene fully tested and serviced and is sold refurbished.


  • Tissue Sensing Technology
  • Digital Display
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Monopolar and Bipolar Outputs
  • Reusable Electrocautery pencils and single use pencils available upon request.

Conmed Excallibur Electrosurgical unit

The Conmed Excalibur Plus PC Electrosurgical unit is a full-powered, multi-function ESU capable of handling all the surgical requirements of the operating room.  The Excalibur Plus PC uses the Conmed patented Controlled Output Voltage for safety and effectiveness.  This allows for the system to adjust its voltage according to different tissue types.  Power settings can be adjusted from the surgical field with the use of the electrosurgical pencil.  Conmed uses their Aspen Return Monitor (ARM) for the utmost in patient safety.  ARM monitors the pad placement and automatically shuts off the power outfut if it senses an alarm situation.  This system is sold refurbished.

Electrocautery Pencil

Electrocautery Handswitching Pencil

3 pin hand pencil.  Suitable for most electrosurgical units including Valleylab and Conmed.  Used for monopolar cutting and coagulation of tissue.

Valleylab re-useable pencil

Re-Useable Electrocautery Handswitching Pencil

Valleylab Re-Useable Electrocautery Pencil.  Suitable for most electrosurgical units including Valleylab and Conmed.  Used for monopolar cutting and coagulation of tissue.

BiPolar Forceps

BiPolar Forceps

Cushing forceps suitable for most procedures when the use of bipolar is required. Can be used with most electrosurgical systems such as Valleylab and Conmed when the bipolar output is used.